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Eli Mergel

As a photographer in New Orleans I try and set myself apart by not showing destruction, but by showcasing the amazing human spirit that exists here.


Born 1976, Eli Mergel lives and works in New Orleans.

Eli began his photography career in New York City in the early 2000s, just when digital photography started taking off. His photography in New York, has been featured in TV shows, commercials, magazines, and books.

After moving to New Orleans in 2011, Eli immersed himself in the city’s famous street and nightlife culture. Instead of showcasing buildings and skylines as he did in New York, Eli now focuses on what makes New Orleans truly unique: its people.

My Own Words:

I believe you’re an ambassador of your time and place. If you choose to take photos, You have a duty to show the world you see in the light you want it portrayed. I choose to showcase the amazing human spirit that exists here. -Eli Mergel


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